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Ode to Africa: ex Africa semper aliquid novi

Africa is more then hunger and distress, Africa is moving fast forward. For me Africa is a continent of possibilities and hidden treasures.

Two dishes are fitted into one another. One dish is bigger than the other and I put focus on the ‘in between’ these two dishes. This ‘in between’ is decorated with gold leaf as a representation of the hidden treasures of Africa as a continent.

Plinius the elder ((AD 23 – August 25, AD 79) already knew that ‘ex Africa semper aliquid novi’. This means as much as ‘(There’s) always something new (coming) out of Africa’. This saying is applied on the outer edge of both dishes, endlessly repeating itself. When the dishes are put together a special effect occurs: the ‘gold on gold’ manifests itself as a natural source of light. This effect disappears when the dishes are dismantled.

Material: fine black chamotte clay Fuchs/Vingerling no. K127
Method: handshape ring technique

Dish 1: diameter 33 cm, height 6 cm
Dish 2: diameter 26 cm, height 7 cm

The dishes have no glaze; the inner shell of the outer dish and the outer shell of the inner dish are gladded with gold leaf on varnish and glue

Photos Louis Meischer



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