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Ode to African architect Antoni Folkers: black soul - white skin

This serie of profiles is a representation of Africa as a continent and upside down the profiles represent a portrait of Antoni Folkers (the white architect with the black soul).

The longing for Africa runs back to his early childhood. It started with a yearning for warmth and exotics, followed by the wish to relieve the hard existence of the African man. With his book ‘Modern architecture in Africa’ (2010) he manages to pass 30 years of experience in building in Africa to a worldwide public.

The profiles are situated freely (detached) on an aerial picture of the city of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso, West Africa). Walter Mittelholzer took the picture in 1932. Together with the inhabitants Antoni worked on the reorganisation of various spontaneous developed districts within the city. At this very moment he is working on the mapping of N’gambo (as neglected part of the UNESCO World Heritage city of the Stone Town in Zanzibar).

Material: porcelain pouring clay
’de Hazelaar’
Method: pouring clay into a plaster mould

maximum height: 18 cm,
maximum width 8 cm and
max depth 39 mm

Support: perspex 76 x 55 cm, depth 1 cm
Different transfers on every single profile (see www.sdlprodukties.nl)

Photos Louis Meischer

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