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Ode to architect Dom Hans van der Laan

The architect Dom Hans van der Laan has an exceptional position within 20th century Dutch architectural history. His most famous work is the abbey church of Mamelis in Vaals near Maastricht. Dom van der Laan develops his own system of proportions that is known as the architectural style of the ‘Bosche school’. The basis of this system of proportions is the cube, together with the slab and the bar. These three elements are brought together here in a construction as an ode to the architect.

On the outer skin of this construction ‘as a building’ fragments of a correspondence between van der Laan and my father-in-law have been applied. The subject of the correspondence consists of a discussion about the mathematical side of this system, that according to Folkers, as seen from a mathematical point of view, is not entirely correct. Apart from these text imprints, various imprints can can be found of the 7 measurement proportions of van der Laan (earrings silver by Richard Walraven).

Material: fine black chamotte clay Fuchs/Vingerling no. K127
Method: clay slabs
Dimensions: height 26 cm, width (square) 22 cm
Glaze: the clay is imprinted with a sinter engobe in light grey 1060

Photos Louis Meischer

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