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Ode to the Dutch tulip I

This vase is built up out of three separate elements:

1 A straight cylinder

2 A dish with an upright edge

3 A profiled collar with 7 black plastified tool clips

The tulips are suspended from an ‘inside out’ sort of vase. In this way all the tulips are brought in full view. I reverse the notion of the archtypical vase, the architect provides for full space for the tulip.

The far end of the hanging tulip just touches a film of water at the bottom of the dish. This brings an attractive tension within the installation. Tulips seldom have a straight stem and by hanging the tulips from the top instead of placing them upright, the stem can search its own direction. By doing so, apart from space also movement and motion emerge.

Material: clay Creaton 354 red
Glaze: black satin gloss 1140
Method: throwing in three separate parts


Size vase 1:
Cylinder: height 24 cm, width 9 cm
Dish: height 3 cm, width 33 cm
Collar with tool clips: height 7 cm, width 10 cm


Size vase 2:
Cylinder: height 18 cm, width 10 cm
Dish: height 5 cm, width 26 cm
Collar with tool clips: height 5 cm, width 12 cm


Photos Louis Meischer



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