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Ode to Nietzsche I: eternal recurrence

A portrait caught in the shape of a medallion. Think of Andrea della Robbia or Lorenzo Ghiberti.

In this case: six portraits in a circulating movement. More then one identity in one person: that is what we are. In this sense it is not only a self-portrait of myself but a self-portrait of all men/women at all times.

At the same time this suggested circular movement represents eternal recurrence as Friedrich Nietzsche defined it: the eternal return of all events, the ultimate affirmation of life. To comprehend this notion of eternal recurrence in his thoughts is to not merely come to peace with it but to embrace it. It requires ulimate ‘amor fati’- ulimate love of fate.

Material: K 123 fine white clay
Method: handshape technique of a slab of 3 cm
Size: height 3 cm (maximum), width 22 cm
Glaze: dark green 1140
White accent: white sinter engobe

Photos Louis Meischer

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