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Ode to Nietzsche II: eternal recurrence

My self-portrait is built up out of a double walled dish in red earthenware with detached ornaments in white porcelain. The ornaments represent my face in profile and are situated in a circle on top of the dish. Every profile is decorated with one of my architectural works, realised in the past 25 years. The Profilo Continuo (Testa di Mussolini) sculpture by Renato Giuseppe Bertelli (1933) is part of my inspiration.

It is possible to play with the position of my profiles, but the void in the middle remains. This recessed hollow space in the middle represents eternity for me. It should be filled with water like "The Deeps of Deliverance" (an impressive Dutch novel by Frederik van Eeden also known as "Of the cold lakes of death" first published 1900)

The title of my work ‘self portrait of an ex-architect’ pays tribute to the present shaken position of the profession of ‘the architect’ in the west, in Europe. Since 2008 turnover and number of personnel in the Netherlands in the branch is decreased by 60% due to the economic crisis. But things are finally changing for the better. In my case: most of my architectural work is now located in Africa.

Material: red clay Fuchs/Vingerling no. K126
Method: hand shape ring technique
Size: height 14 cm, width 38 cm

Material: porcelain pouring clay
’de Hazelaar’

Method: pouring clay into plaster mould
Size; maximum height: 18 cm, maximum width 8 cm and max depth 24 mm
Different transfers on every single profile (see www.sdlprodukties.nl)

Photos Louis Meischer

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