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Child Welfare Council offices, Arnhem

Child Welfare Council offices, Arnhem

A typical nineties office layout: rooms at either side of a continuous corridor. For FBW the design commission at first did not seem to have a lot of spatial possibilities. Not only did the client expressed the need for a better interior design but just as well did they wish for a new vision on the improvement of the workspace itself.

To start with, the existing interior was stripped totally inclusive all suspended ceilings. A totally new arrangement of space culminated in individual workplaces along the facades, which makes room for open collective space for discussion, to have a meeting or just to relax (concept of the living room). The ‘in between’ space is intended for cupboards and machines, whereby the existing old cupboards are cladded with bamboo screens for reasons of privacy and acoustics.

The new layout should enhance the solidarity of the employees. By taking out the old suspended ceilings spatial quality is intensified. The individual workplaces are segregated from the communal space by a floor to ceiling glazed timber sliding panels. The bamboo screens improve the acoustics in such a way that they attenuate the noise coming from the collective space in the middle.

The employees themselves choose the implemented colours and choose their own ‘living room’ furniture. Materials applied are straightforward like wood, stucco, natural stone and rust free steel.

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