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DT Dobie Residence, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

DT Dobie Residence, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Situated on a coral cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean , this house is totally self-relying and thus autark, a wish formulated by the client itself. Underneath the garden layout reservoirs take care of rainwater collection. Solar panels contribute to the energy supply for the house. The client desired a house without air conditioning. In their design FBW considered the favourable orientation in relation to the prevailing wind direction. Because of these climatic conditions the front of the house has been kept as open as possible. The huge roof overhangs cladded  with dark red roof tiles in combination with a double roof structure keep the house cool.

The glazed and timber framed double storey sliding doors open up to a terrace and garden underneath an imposing colonnade protected by the protruding roof. Projected above the living room a generous balcony has a majestic view over the ocean.

The natural differences in level within the terrain have been incorporated within the house itself, the stairs lavishly connect the three levels of the house. The main house, the guesthouse and the servant’s quarter are all arranged around an intimate courtyard. At the open end the main entrance to the plot is situated.

The main structure of the house is built up by concrete cast on site, filled with cement blocks to shape the walls in between. The dark timber frames with a transparent finish contrast nicely with the white plasterwork of the exterior walls. The soft coloured floor tiles both within and without connect house and garden in a natural way.

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