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Create & Connect I to III

'Create and Connect I up to III' is an alternative to the portrait gallery in the University of Utrecht Akademie Building. The circular shape of each gallery refers to the double helix of DNA. The DNA of the university is the people: the students, their teachers and professors. Every 'brick' stands for one of the members of the university community and everybody is connected.

This connection is enhanced by light. Every single brick is enlighted and all bricks together are (literally) connected by electricity. The illuminated bricks refer to the logo of the university in which the text: Sol Iustitiae, Illustra Nos is incorporated. Every brick in porcelain has an imprint of this logo. The transparency of the porcelain together with the illumination intensify the visibility.

'Create and Connect' was part of the exhibition CURIOSITY in the glass house of the Old Hortus of the University Museum of Utrecht in October 2016 and had over 2380 visitors. The exhibition is an initiative of ‘Earth Utrecht’ platform for contemporary ceramic art and is a present for the University of Utrecht celebrating 380 years of existence. Photos in dusk: Han Ernest Photography

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