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Fanjove private island development, Tanzania

Fanjove Private Island Development

The Essential Destinations (ED) tourist agency acquired Fanjove Island, the outermost island of the Sinda Archipel, situated in the Indian Ocean opposite Kilwa on the Tanzanian coast. ED wanted to create a luxury ecolodge, respecting the existing natural environment and Marine park and using local and sustainable materials and technology as much as possible. FBW designed a masterplan, the six individual bandas overlooking the reefs and the ocean, as well as the restoration of the ruined lighthouse.

The lighthouse was erected by the German colonists in 1893. By the beginning of the 21st century it had decayed and vandalized into an alarming state. The walls were secured and the roof repaired, to conserve the building for future generations.

The bandas are conceived as stranded whales, with a partly exposed spine and a tented roof of makuti protecting the ground floor and the private balcony overlooking the sea. The planked floors are lifted to allow ventilation and prevent ingress of unwanted visitors such as the giant crabs and snakes thriving on the island. The front and back are open to air, with the roof flying over to protect against excessive sun impact and rain. Additional ventilation openings are created on the lateral sides to ensure optimal climatic conditions even during the hot days of January and February.

Project Details

Name Fanjove private island development
Location Fanjove, Tanzania
Date of Design 2011-2016
Area 900sqm
Project Costs 1,500,000usd
Client NC Group of Companies