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Kampala Motorcare offices, Kampala, Uganda

Kampala Motorcare offices

The Danish company Kjaer & Kjaer wished to renovate their premises on Jinja Road in Kampala. Kjaer & Kjaer are importers of motor vehicles – Nissan automobiles in the first place hence the original name of the project being Nisuganda. On the premises, a new and state-of-the-art showroom was to be built, and the existing repair and maintenance workshops and parkade to be rehabilitated.

The showroom consists of a glass box that is lifted up and tilted towards the road to improve visibility and reduce glare. Under the showroom a tunneled ramp provides access to the yard in the rear with the workshops and parkade, and a bridge acts as a welcome to the curious visitor.

The showroom floor itself is inclined to further dramatize the positioning of the exposed cars, and extends over two floors with a mezzanine in the back for offices and canteen for the workers. On the rear, a balcony offers the employees and visitors a free view over Kampala. The curved roof with generous overhangs to protect the facades against sun impact are carried by circular steel columns that extend over the roof parapet as flagpoles.

Project Details

Name Kampala Motorcare offices
Client Kjaer & Kjaer Svendborg
Program Commercial
Location Kampala, Uganda
Date of design 1997 - 2000
Project team Antoni Folkers, Paul Moores, Saskia van Haren, Thierry van Baggem, Flora Veuger, Geoff Wilks, J Bajaria